Summer of Sculpture

12th August to 28th September 2022




Inspirational Sculpture


Collecting sculpture has always been linked to the ideals of connoisseurship and taste. The nineteenth century however, saw artists display an ingenuity and vision that allowed them to move away from the mere appreciation of the antique.

A new heroic and restrained neoclassicism found itself apparent in many of the great public commissions, while the salon and public exhibitions of the period encouraged an appeal to the novel, sentimental and often sensational.

This summer we are delighted to exhibit at our gallery in South Audley Street, a superb selection of fine 19th century sculpture from large life-size marbles to more intimate bronzes and figural groups,

If you are able to visit we would be delighted to welcome you.



Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904)

‘Corinth, Gilt-Bronze, France, Circa 1905

‘Corinth’ A Gilt-Bronze Classical Female Nude Seated on a Corinthian Capital, By Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824–1904).

Gilt-bronze with traces of polychrome decoration, enamel, turquoise and opal.

Signed J.L. Gérôme
Stamped ‘2135’ and with the Siot-Decauville foundry seal and with inscription NON LICET OMNIBUS ADIRE CORINTHUM at the front.







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