There is more awareness today around sustainability than ever before with all of us encouraged to play our part and make changes to be more environmentally conscious.   The appeal of buying antiques is the positive impact it can have on protecting the environment, reducing your carbon footprint, and conserving natural resources.

As a company we are committed to making sustainability a fundamental part of our decision-making process, integrating environmentally friendly practices into every aspect of our business activities.

Antiques: The Sustainable Choice

Investing in antique furniture has always been a popular choice as it makes sound financial sense to invest in something of quality that is likely to retain its value.  What has changed in recent years however is people’s awareness regarding the environmental impact of the disposable ‘fast furniture’ produced today.

Modern furniture production is often highly wasteful, made in faraway countries with few, if any, regulations regarding water pollution, air pollution, or responsible forestry management.  The often-disposable nature means that items are not built to last and quickly go out of fashion and lose their value.


Antiques in comparison were often made by true craftsmen and built to last; if well looked after they can have an almost endless lifecycle, offering an alternative form of recycling, conserving natural resources, and providing an assured way of reducing your carbon footprint.  No trees need to be cut down or water wasted, and as often handmade or produced with limited mechanisation less CO2 resulted from their production.   Reusing antiques over and over again results in no marginal production of CO2 and therefore offers a very sustainable choice when furnishing a home.


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