Pietro Bazzanti


Pietro Bazzanti was one of the leading marble sculptors working in Italy in the nineteenth century. He specialised in allegorical subjects as well as pieces inspired by Antique and Renaissance sculpture.
His gallery in Florence, Pietro Bazzanti e Figlio, originally Bazzanti s studio, was established in 1822 as a showroom for his work.
Bazzanti exhibited with success at many of the great international exhibitions of the period, including the Philadelphia Centennial Exhibition in 1876 and the Boston exhibition of 1883.
Regarded as one of the most talented sculptors of his day, his studio became a centre for other important sculptors such as Ferdinando Vichi, Cesare Lapini and Guglielmo Pugi. Such was the high regard in which he was held, that many of these sculptor's works are inscribed 'Galleria Bazzanti'.
In addition to sculpture the Bazzanti workshop was also known for the production of spectacular specimen marble table tops for the grand tour.