Odoardo Tabacchi (Italian, 1831-1905)

'La Tuffolina' - важная фигура ныряющей девушки из белого мрамора

Italy, Circa 1880


'La Tuffolina' - An Important White Marble Figure of A Diving Girl On A Naturalistic Base, by Odoardo Tabacchi Signed 'O.Tabacchi/Torino'. This fine...


Высота: 106 см (42 дюйма)
Ширина: 74 см (30 дюймов)
Depth: 24 cm (10 in)
REF NO : B73802


‘La Tuffolina’ – An Important White Marble Figure of A Diving Girl On A Naturalistic Base, by Odoardo Tabacchi

Signed ‘O.Tabacchi/Torino’.

This fine marble sculpture depicts a graceful young girl wearing a knitted bathing dress, her hair held in a chignon with her arms raised above her head in a diving position, standing on the edge of a natural pool, with the waves lapping behind her.



Около 1880 года




statuary marble


Signed 'O.Tabacchi/Torino'.

Odoardo Tabacchi (Italian, 1831-1905)

Odoardo Tabacchi (1831-1905) was born in Valganna on December 20, 1831 and died in Milan in 1905.

Tabacchi studied at the Brera Academy in Milan from 1845 and then continued his studies in Rome, Florence and Naples. Settled in his own studio in Milan from 1860-1868 he created monumental sculptures accepting several important public commissions. Among his most important works form this period are the monument to Cavour in Milan (with Antonio Tantardini), the monument to Arnaldo da Brescia and the Cuzzetti and Sedaboni tombs in the Vantiniano cemetery in Brescia, Paleocapa, Garibaldi in Turin, Foscolo and equestrian monument to Umberto I, in Asti in Piazza Cairoli.

In 1867 he succeeded Vincenzo Vela to the chair of sculpture at the Albertina Academy and focused on smaller figurative sculpture, especially naturalistic genre scenes which earned him great popularity. He exhibited widely in Italy and in Paris and Vienna.

Amongst his students he counted: Giacomo Ginotti (1845-1897), Pietro Canonica (1869-1959), Davide Calandra (1856-1915), Edoardo Rubino (1871-1954) [2], Giuseppe Realini and the famous Leonardo Bistolfi (1859-1933).


A. Panzetta, Dizionario Degli Scultori Italiani dell’ottocento e del Primo Novecento, Torino, 1994, vol. II, p. 185, no. 769 for an illustration of a similar model.


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