Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet

(1880 - 1950)


Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet (1880 - 1950).
Born in Brussels, Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet studied sculpture with Jef Lambeaux, exhibiting for the first time at the Salon des Artistes Fran├žais in 1913 and was elected a permanent member of the salon in 1929.
From 1937 to 1940, she exhibited at the Salon des Indpendants in Paris and joined the Union of Women Painters and Sculptors. Colinet's work is primarily in the Art Deco style, and her models included odalisques, exotic dancers, jugglers and cabaret artists.
Her preferred casting material was bronze; however, a number of her most distinguished sculptures are chryselephantine, being a combination of both bronze and ivory.