Mathieu Befort Jeune

(1813 - 1880)


Mathieu Befort (Befort Jeune) (1813-1880) is recorded as having worked in Paris from 1836 until 1880.
He was descended from a family of renowned ébénistes and was the son of the renowned cabinetmaker Jean-Baptiste Befort, known as Befort Père, who was of Belgian origin and renowned for having supplied furniture for the apartments of the Duc d'Orléans.
Father and son are noted for their interpretations of furniture by André-Charles Boulle and the creation of vernis matin and porcelain mounted furniture, often in the manner of Riesener.
The firm received a medal at the 1844 Exposition de l'Industrie Française, and earnt Befort a reputation for the high quality of his work. As a result he became a purveyor to Napoléon III and Empress Eugénie.
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