Jean-Christophe Fischer


Jean-Christophe Fischer (1779-1854) was an important French ébéniste and bronzier, specialising in making furniture, mirrors and chairs. He had an established business in Paris from 1820 until his death in 1854. During this time he produced furniture for the King Louis Philippe, for his Château de Neuilly residency, amongst other important commissions.
From 1820 to 1827 he was collaborating with Geoffrey Kopp under the name of Fisher and Kopp, he was then joined in 1839 by his son, who took over the company in 1848.
In 1837 he participated in the Exposition de l'Industrie Francaise, where he exhibited a cylinder bureau, a table and a pair of consoles, winning a silver medal for his work. According to the Exhibition's report:
""ses meubles se distinguaient autant par la perfection du travail que par l'élégance des formes; ils étaient en palissandre relevée seulement par des baguettes dorées ou en bois blanc. Un bureau a cylindre, une table de travail et deux consoles, nous ont paru les plus remarquables de l'Exposition.""
In 1844, he also participated in the Exposition de l'Industrie Francaise where he received a gold medal for his work with ebony and bronze.
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