Paul Eugène Mengin

'Le Puits Qui Parle' - A Large and Important Exhibition Bronze Group Cast by Susse Frères

Karl Sterrer

An Exceptional Pair of Gilt Bronze Repousse Plaques Depicting Apollo and Selene as Allegories of Day and Night

Albert Ernest Carrier-Belluse

'Le Printemps et L'Eté' A Pair of Large Patinated Bronze Allegorical Figures

Albert Ernest Carrier-Belluse

'Melodie' - A Patinated Bronze Allegorical Figure

Aristide Petrilli

'A Declaration' - An Unusual Specimen Marble Figural Group By Prof. Aristide Petrilli

Marius-Jean-Antonin Mercié

'David Vainqueur de Goliath'

Louis Ernest Barrias

'La Nature Se Dévoilant Devant La Science' - A Bronze Figure

Alois Mayer

'Grand Nu Aux Feuillages'

François-Raoul Larche

'Sinnierender Krieger' (The Thoughtful Warrior) - A Bronze Figure

A Pair of Napoleon III Allegorical Groups Depicting Music and Wine

A Gilt-Bronze Bacchanalian Putto Figure

François-Raoul Larche

'Les violettes' - A Fine Gilt-Bronze Allegorical Sculpture

Louis Ernest Barrias

La Nature Se Devoilant Devant La Science

Noel Ruffier

A Patinated Bronze Ewer Depicting a Satyr and Naïade

Alfred Boucher

'Au But' (To the Goal) - A Very Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Vischnevsky Foundry

A Rare Russian Patinated Bronze Bust of Napoleon

Victor Szczeblewski

Le Mousse Siffleur

Carl Kauba

A Fine Patinated bronze Figure of A Native American Scout

Luca Madrassi

'L'innocence Tourmentée Par L'amour' - A Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Carl Kauba

A Fine Patinated Bronze Figure of a Native American Scout With Rifle

A Pair of Napoleon III Period Gilt-Bronze Figural Groups

Odoardo Tabacchi

'La Tuffolina' - An Important White Marble Figure of A Diving Girl

Eugène-Victor Cherrier

The Temptation

Genryusai Seiya

A Large Japanese Bronze Group of an Elephant And Tigers

A Pair of German Figures Depicting a Female Diver and Her Admirer

Mathilde Thomas-Soyer

A Bronze Figural Group of Two Borzoi Hounds by Mathilde Thomas-Soyer


A Bronze Figure of a Horse at a Barrier

Ferdinand Barbedienne

'The Soldier of Marathon'

Isidore-Jules Bonheur

A Pair of Large and Finely Patinated Bronze Models Of A Cow and A Bull

Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet

'The Juggler' - A Fine Art Deco Silvered Bronze Figure

A Pair of Small Gilt-Bronze Figural Busts

Pierre-Louis Détrier

A Pair of Patinated Bronze Allegorical Busts of Autumn and Spring

François Truphème

'An Egyptian Woman With Child' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Claude Michael Clodion

'Bacchantes' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Claude Michael Clodion

A Patinated and Gilt-Bronze Figure of a Dancing Putti Holding a Tambourine

Pio Fedi

A Fine White Marble Figure of a Kneeling Cherub

Claude Michel Clodion

A Fine Patinated Bronze Putto Figure Emblematic of Architecture

Pietro Bazzanti

‘The Finding of Moses’

A Monumental Alabaster Jardiniere

Adolphe Maubach

'Bonne Année, Bonne Santé' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figure

Lucille Sévin

‘The Dancers'

Cesare Fantachiotti

A Multi-Patinated Bronze Figure of an Egyptian Dancer

François Linke

‘L‘Enfant Guerre’

Auguste Ledru

An Art Nouveau Bronze Figural Ewer Modelled With A Water Nymph

Francis Derwent Wood

A Finely Carved Marble Portrait Relief of a Lady in a Giltwood Frame

Henri-Honoré Plé

A Large and Important Multi-Patinated Bronze Figure of an Arab Warrior

Henri Weigèle

‘Il Passepa’ - A Fine White Marble Figural Group

Pasquale Romanelli

A Marble Figure of Ruth Gleaning

François-Raoul Larche

'Cupid & Psyche' An Important Parcel-Gilt and Patinated Bronze Figure

Emile-Louis Picault

A Fine Pair of Patinated Bronze Figures of an Archer and a Scholar

Adolphe Itasse

'L’Amour Vainqueur'

Henri-Honoré Plé

An Important Multipatinated Bronze Orientalist Female Bust