Франсуа Трюфем

Моисей и Иохаведа - изящная фигурная группа из патинированной бронзы

France, Dated 1863


'Moses and Jochebed ' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group After A Model by 'François Truphème', Cast by 'Thiebaut Frères'. Signed 'Fois...


Height: 195 cm (77 in)
Width: 38 cm (15 in)
Depth: 26 cm (11 in)
REF NO : B71950


Moses and Jochebed ‘ – A Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group After A Model by ‘François Truphème’, Cast by ‘Thiebaut Frères’.

Signed ‘Fois Truphème 1863’ and ‘fdu par Vor Thiebaut’.

This impressive patinated bronze figure is raised on a carved wooden pedestal. The Thiébaut Foundry (1844-1901) was one of the most important foundries of the Nineteenth Century casting monumental works such as the Gloria Victis by Mercie and the monument to the Defense de Paris by Barrias. The foundry was started by Charles Cyprien Thiébaut (1769-1830) and later passed on to his son, Charles Antoine Floréal (born 1794), who established the business on Rue du Faubourg-Saint-Denis under the name Theibaut St. In 1870, Victor Thiébaut left his enterprise to his three sons, who established the name Thiébaut Frères. The Foundry participated in a number of International Exhibitions and was to acquire an important international reputation.

French, Dated 1863.


Dated 1863




Патинированная бронза


Signed 'Fois Truphème 1863' and 'fdu par Vor Thiebaut'.

Франсуа Трюфем

François Truphème, was a French sculptor born in Aix-en-Provence on March 23rd 1820 and died in Paris on January 22nd 1888. He was the eldest brother of the painter Auguste Truphème, and studied under Jean-Marie Bonnassieux.

He exhibited at the Salon from 1850 until his death in 1888 and was awarded with three medals, in 1859 for ‘Rêverie’, in 1864 for ‘Une jeune fille √† la source’ and in 1865 for ‘Le berger Lycidas sculptant le bout de son baton.’

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