Коллинсон и Лок

A Marquetry Inlaid Table With An Ashford Marble Top

England, Circa 1880





Высота: 77 см (31 дюйм)
Ширина: 69 см (28 дюймов)
Глубина: 50 см (20 дюймов)
REF NO : B64050


A Victorian Marquetry Inlaid Oval Table with an Inlaid Ashford Marble Top, Attributed to Collinson and Lock.

The firm of Collinson & Lock was established in London in the third quarter of the Nineteenth century with the partnership of F.G. Collinson and G.J. Lock, former employees of Jackson & Graham.

The company quickly achieved both commercial success and a leading position in the field of design. Influential designers of the ‘Art Movement’ including: T.E.Collcutt, J Moyr-Smith and Stephen Webb were employed by the company and E.W. Godwin was held on a retainer to produce exclusive designs for the company from 1872 to 1874.

In 1871 the firm issued an impressive illustrated catalogue of ‘Artistic Furniture’, with plates by J. Moyr-Smith, assistant to Christopher Dresser, and in 1873 was trading from extensive newly built premises in St Bride Street.

As well as providing furniture for important commissions such as the Law Courts and the Savoy Theatre, they exhibited at many of the International Exhibitions of the period. At the Paris Exposition Universelle in 1878, they exhibited a number of items designed by E. W. Godwin.

In 1897, the firm was taken over by Gillows, but continued to produce furniture of this type for several years.

Ashford Black Marble is a highly polished jet black bituminous limestone mined in Ashford in the Water, Derbyshire.

During the nineteenth century inlaid furniture and objects using this stone became very popular and a sizeable industry grew up centred around the towns of Buxton and Ashford. Highly skilled stonemasons created intricate and accomplished designs often using semi-precious stones and imported marbles, drawing their inspiration from Florentine Pietre Dure.

English, Circa 1880.




Около 1880 года











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