REF NO : B74605

AD Mougin

A Fine Onyx, Marble and Champlevé Enamel Pedestal Clock

French, Circa 1870


A Fine Onyx, Marble and Champlevé Enamel Pedestal Clock. The movement stamped 'Brevete SGDG' and 'A.D. Mougin Deux Medailles'. The clock of waisted...


Height: 135 cm (54 in)
Width: 44 cm (18 in)
Depth: 36 cm (15 in)
REF NO : B74605


A Fine Onyx, Marble and Champlevé Enamel Pedestal Clock.

The movement stamped ‘Brevete SGDG’ and ‘A.D. Mougin Deux Medailles’.

The clock of waisted rectangular form, the upper section centred by a gilt-bronze framed dial with Arabic numerals and champlevé enamel decoration, the lower with a lyre form gilt-bronze and glass reveal, the pendulum in the form of an Apollo sunburst mask.

Champlevé enamelling, is similar to cloisonné in that the enamel is applied to discrete cells separated by metal. However, in champlevé, cells or troughs are cast into or cut away from the metal base, leaving a raised metal line between the cells which forms the outline of a design. The cells are then filled with molten or powdered glass and fired.

French, Circa 1870.


Circa 1870




The movement stamped 'Brevete SGDG' and 'A.D. Mougin, Deux Medailles'.

AD Mougin

AD Mougin was a well-known French clock maker working in the mid to late nineteenth century.

He is known to have made clocks in the French clock making region of Montbeliard (which is close to the Swiss border) and is also listed as having premises on the Rue de Turenne in Paris.

He won two gold medals at exhibitions for his clocks and used these as the basis for his trademark which contain the ‚‘Deux Medailles‚’ . This trademark can usually be found stamped on the back of his clocks.

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