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An Oval Venetian Mirror With Etched Borders

ITALY, Circa 1900

REF No. B15004


Height :106 cm | 41³/₄ in
Width :96 cm | 37³/₄ in
Depth :3 cm | 1¹/₈ in


An Elegant Circular Venetian Mirror With Etched Borders.

Venetian mirrors were originally made on the small island of Murano in the Venetian area of Italy.

For 200 years, beginning in 1503, the glassmaking families of the island guarded their secret method of producing the world's first clear glass, called ""crystalline."" Although the Egyptians were already making glass at that time, theirs was distorted and unclear.

These new mirrors commanded very high prices and because of the limited production of blown glass, were only to be found in the homes of the very wealthy. The Venetians retained this monopoly until the early 18th century, when a method of making plate glass was introduced in France.

An Oval Venetian Mirror With Etched Borders

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