Manner of Alphonse Giroux

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Manner of Alphonse Giroux

A Napoléon III Gilt-Bronze and Champlevé Enamel Centrepiece

FRANCE, Circa 1870

REF No. B73112


Height :53 cm | 20⁷/₈ in
Width :51 cm | 20¹/₈ in
Depth :35 cm | 13³/₄ in


A Napoléon III Gilt-Bronze and Champlevé Enamel Centrepiece, in the Manner of Maison Alphonse Giroux.

This exquisite centrepiece has a frosted glass trumpet vase engraved with anthemions and supported by a neo-classical design open-work gilt-bronze and champlevé enamel stand, on an oval gilt-bronze base with attendant cherubs to the rim.

Champlevé enamelling, is similar to cloisonné in that the enamel is applied to discrete cells separated by metal. However, in champlevé, cells or troughs are cast into or cut away from the metal base, leaving a raised metal line between the cells which forms the outline of a design. The cells are then filled with molten or powdered glass and fired.


Maison Giroux was founded by François-Simon-Alphonse Giroux in 1799 at 7 rue du Coq-Saint-Honoré, Paris. The store, specialising in small luxury goods and curiosities, expanded rapidly in the first half of the nineteenth century,
Francois oversaw the manufacture and design of small items of furniture until his death in 1848. He won the Prix de Rome in 1825, and a silver medal at the Paris Exhibition of 1834.

Under the direction of Giroux's sons, Alphonse-Gustave and André, the company flourished and became by the late 1860's one of the most pre-eminent Parisian Maison de Haut Luxe (luxury stores).

In 1867, Ferdinand Duvinage, a cousin of Alphonse-Gustave and André, took over the management of the business alongside a Mr Harinkouck.

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Alphonse Giroux

A Napoléon III Gilt-Bronze and Champlevé Enamel Centrepiece

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