Duvinage (1867 - 1885)

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Duvinage (1867 - 1885)

An Important Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze and Ivory Dressing Mirror

FRANCE, Circa 1880

REF No. B70150

Signed ‘FD Bté and Alph. Giroux Paris’.


Height :44 cm | 17³/₈ in
Diameter :30 cm | 23³/₄ in


An Important Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze and Ivory Dressing Mirror By Duvinage & Maison Giroux .

This exceptional dressing mirror, with its rare ivory-ground marquetry, is surmounted by an oval crest, flanked by foliate garlands above two arched doors. Each door is finely inlaid in ivory with a bird amongst flowering plants. The doors open to reveal triple mirrors.

This highly decorative technique of ivory-ground marquetry was probably first shown at the 1878 Paris Exposition Universelle, where Duvinage’s widow exhibited pieces marked ‘Bté’. Luxurious artworks and small items of furniture were produced, incorporating traditional French forms and gilded mounts with the stylised aesthetics of Japonism.

On 4 June 1877, following Duvinages death, his widow had filed a 'Brevet d'Invention [patent] ... pour une mosaique combinée avec cloisonnements métallique, pour objets artistiques et d'ameublement ..."".

The patent deed included a descriptive memoir …

""The new kind of mosaic which is the object of this request by Brevet is intended to enhance and decorate artistic furniture in general. It has an ivory foundation appliquéd by a collage or by a panel or a wooden base or other material; the pieces of ivory are separated by bands or metallic grooves, and the decorative subjects are birds, flowers, etc, produced by inlays or mother of pearl appliques or other materials of various nuances. One obtains through this triple combination of ivory, mother-of-pearl and decorative metal and partitioning, more attractive effects"".

This luxury production only lasted a few years, which allows us to precisely place this piece in time. Patented in 1877, this technique was used until 1885, when the Maison Alphonse Giroux closed.

** Adrian Alan Ltd is committed to the protection of elephants and preventing the illegal trade in ivory. All of the items that we offer for sale are antiques over 100 years old and of genuine artistic, cultural or historical value. The inclusion of ivory, de minimis in this dressing mirror, is as an original constituent part of an antique over 100 years old and created pre-CITES convention (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora - 3 March 1947). We do not support the trade in modern ivory in any way.


Ferdinand Duvinage and Mr Harinkouck, took over the celebrated Maison Giroux in 1867, although Harinckouk is no longer mentioned within the business after 1870.

Under Duvinage, the business reached new levels of success, exhibiting at the 1867 Paris Exposition Universelle, where it received a silver medal and at Vienna in 1873, where it was awarded two medals of merit.

Ferdinand Duvinage died between 1874 and 1877 leaving the management of the business to his wife, Rosalie.

Maison Giroux continued with great success until 1885.
One of Duvinage's major works is a cabinet now in the Musée d'Orsay illustrated in Ledoux-Lebard Les Ebénistes du XIX Siècle.

Museum Collections:
Musée d'Orsay -Paris
Ajada National Palace, Lisbon
Los Angeles Country Museum of Art
Art Institute of Chicago
Detroit Institute of Art

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An Important Louis XV Style Gilt-Bronze and Ivory Dressing Mirror

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