Louis Auguste Moreau

A Finely Carved Carrera Marble Figural Group of A Young Female Putto

Franz Xavier Bergman

'The Dice Players' A Fine Cold Painted Orientalist Bronze Group

Franz Xavier Bergman

'The Slave Master' - A Cold Painted Orientalist Bronze Group

Franz Xavier Bergman

'The Slave Seller' - A Cold Painted Orientalist Bronze Group

Benedetto Boschetti

An Italian Grand Tour Patinated Bronze Model of the Medici Vase

Peter Tereszczuk

An Unusual Art Nouveau Bronze Sculptural Aquarium

François Rude

A Fine Patinated Bronze Group Of 'The Education of Achilles By The Centaur Chiron'

Paul Eugène Mengin

'Le Puits Qui Parle' - A Large and Important Exhibition Bronze Group Cast by Susse Frères

Albert Ernest Carrier-Belluse

'Le Printemps et L'Eté' A Pair of Large Patinated Bronze Allegorical Figures

Albert Ernest Carrier-Belluse

'Melodie' - A Patinated Bronze Allegorical Figure

Alois Mayer

'Grand Nu Aux Feuillages'

Louis Ernest Barrias

'La Nature Se Dévoilant Devant La Science' - A Bronze Figure

A Pair of Napoleon III Period Gilt-Bronze Figural Groups

Aristide Petrilli

'A Declaration' - An Unusual Specimen Marble Figural Group By Prof. Aristide Petrilli

A Pair of Napoleon III Allegorical Groups Depicting Music and Wine

A Gilt-Bronze Bacchanalian Putto Figure

Marius-Jean-Antonin Mercié

'David Vainqueur de Goliath'

François Linke

‘L‘Enfant Guerre’

Alexandre Falguière

A Patinated Bronze Figural Torchère Cast by Barbedienne

François-Raoul Larche

'Sinnierender Krieger' (The Thoughtful Warrior) - A Bronze Figure

Luca Madrassi

'L'innocence Tourmentée Par L'amour' - A Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Carl Kauba

A Fine Patinated Bronze Figure of a Native American Scout With Rifle

Eugène-Victor Cherrier

The Temptation

François-Raoul Larche

'Les violettes' - A Fine Gilt-Bronze Allegorical Sculpture

Carl Kauba

A Fine Patinated bronze Figure of A Native American Scout

Noel Ruffier

A Patinated Bronze Ewer Depicting a Satyr and Naïade

Genryusai Seiya

A Large Japanese Bronze Group of an Elephant And Tigers

Francis Derwent Wood

A Finely Carved Marble Portrait Relief of a Lady in a Giltwood Frame

Alfred Boucher

'Au But' (To the Goal) - A Very Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Ferdinand Barbedienne

'The Soldier of Marathon'

Louis Ernest Barrias

La Nature Se Devoilant Devant La Science

Vischnevsky Foundry

A Rare Russian Patinated Bronze Bust of Napoleon

A Pair of Small Gilt-Bronze Figural Busts

Odoardo Tabacchi

'La Tuffolina' - An Important White Marble Figure of A Diving Girl

Karl Sterrer

An Exceptional Pair of Gilt Bronze Repousse Plaques Depicting Apollo and Selene as Allegories of Day and Night

Henri-Honoré Plé

An Important Multipatinated Bronze Orientalist Female Bust

Lucille Sévin

‘The Dancers'

Pio Fedi

A Fine White Marble Figure of a Kneeling Cherub

Victor Szczeblewski

Le Mousse Siffleur

Claude Michel Clodion

A Patinated and Gilt-Bronze Figure of a Dancing Putti Holding a Tambourine

Claude Michel Clodion

A Fine Patinated Bronze Putto Figure Emblematic of Architecture

A Pair of German Figures Depicting a Female Diver and Her Admirer

Claire Jeanne Roberte Colinet

'The Juggler' - A Fine Art Deco Silvered Bronze Figure

Pietro Bazzanti

‘The Finding of Moses’

Adolphe Maubach

'Bonne Année, Bonne Santé' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figure

Claude Michel Clodion

'Bacchantes' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Henri-Honoré Plé

A Large and Important Multi-Patinated Bronze Figure of an Arab Warrior

Henri Weigèle

‘Il Passepa’ - A Fine White Marble Figural Group

Isidore-Jules Bonheur

A Pair of Large and Finely Patinated Bronze Models Of A Cow and A Bull

Adolphe Itasse

'L’Amour Vainqueur'

Pierre Jules Mêne

A Bronze Figure of a Horse at a Barrier

Cesare Fantachiotti

A Multi-Patinated Bronze Figure of an Egyptian Dancer

François Truphème

'An Egyptian Woman With Child' - A Fine Patinated Bronze Figural Group

Pasquale Romanelli

A Marble Figure of Ruth Gleaning

François-Raoul Larche

'Cupid & Psyche' An Important Parcel-Gilt and Patinated Bronze Figure

Emile-Louis Picault

A Fine Pair of Patinated Bronze Figures of an Archer and a Scholar

A Monumental Alabaster Jardiniere

Auguste Ledru

An Art Nouveau Bronze Figural Ewer Modelled With A Water Nymph

Pierre-Louis Détrier

A Pair of Patinated Bronze Allegorical Busts of Autumn and Spring