Jeanselme (1856-1930), was a French family of cabinet makers who achieved great prominence in nineteenth century Paris, exhibiting at many of the major international exhibitions.

The company was first formed in 1847 when Joseph-Pierre-Francois Jeanselme (1824-1860), purchased the prestigious Jacob-Desmalter workshop from Alphonse-George Jacob. Jeanselme found early success, and Joseph-Pierre together with his son Charles-Joseph-Marie (1827-1871), supplied furniture to the French and Imperial Courts. Their furniture is stamped 'Jeanselme Pere et fils'.

The firm later entered into partnership with the ébéniste Auguste Godinand and furniture from this period was stamped 'Jeanselme Fils Godin et Cie'. In 1893 the firm took over the Lemarchand workshop.