Vischnevsky Foundry


The Vischnevsky Brothers Foundry was located on Olkhovskaya Street, and later on Ladoga Street of the Lefortovskaya area of Moscow (German market).
The only foundry producing art bronzes in Russia in the late nineteenth century, they were renowned for their high level of artistic casting, producing a wide variety of art bronzes after Pierre-Philip Thomire (1751-1843), lighting and architectural items. Their work was eagerly received by the Russian haute monde in the last decades of the nineteenth century and they rose to became suppliers to the Imperial Court.

The company exhibited at many of the great exhibitions of the nineteenth century, in 1892 receiving a gold medal from the Imperial Russian Technical Society, in 1896 - the gold medal of the All-Russian Art and Industrial Exhibition and in 1900 - a gold medal at the Paris Exposition Universelle.

Examples of the Vischevsky Brothers work can be found in many of the great Palaces and Cathedrals across Russia as well as in museums such as the Gorky Regional Museum and the State Historical Museum. Vishnevsky's went on to exhibit bronzes in the "modern style" at the exhibition of architecture and art industry in Moscow in 1903.

In 1917 the company ceased to exist.