Jules Piret


Jules Piret was a Parisian ébéniste specialising in the production of high-quality furniture in the Louis XIV, Louis XV and Louis XVI styles and the restoration of precious objects. He is recorded in Paris at 18 rue Saint Hyacinthe Saint Michel from 1856, rue Saint Louis en l’lle in 1863 and 12 rue Charles from 1870 – 1876.
Works by Piret are always of the very highest quality but very rarely appear on the market. Several important examples of his work are in museum collections including a Louis XVI style console table incorporating 18th century Sèvres porcelain plaques to the frieze, in the collection of the Cleveland Museum, Ohio. A secrétaire à abattant, modelled after Weisweiller is in the Jones collection at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London (1068:1, 2-1882); possibly acquired by John Jones as an original 18th century example.
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