Martin, Hall & Co.


Martin, Hall & Co. was formed as a partnership between Henry Wilkinson and John Roberts, who started trading in 1820 under the name Wilkinson & Roberts. In 1836, Wilkinson left the business and in 1846 the firm became Roberts & Hall after John Roberts partnered with his apprentice Ebenezer Hall.
In 1854 Richard Martin (of Martin Brothers & Naylor) joined the partnership with Ebenezer Hall’s brother Joshua and the name then changed to Martin, Hall & Co.
The company was listed as manufacturing silversmiths and electroplated manufacturers, silver, plated and steel cutlers. The factory was based in Shrewsbury Works, Broad Street Park and had several showrooms in London, Birmingham Glasgow and Sydney.
The firm participated to the 1851 Great Exhibition, the International Exhibition (1862), the Sydney Exhibition (1879), the Melboune Exhibition (1881) and the 1915 British Industries Fair.
Following the first world war the firm went into liquidation in 1933 and finally closed in 1936.