Goelzer et Poumaroux

(1816 - )


Maison Goelzer was founded by Phillipe Goelzer (1816-1881), in Paris in the first half of the nineteenth century and specialised in light fixtures and gas engineering. Goelzer was almost certainly joined in the business in the last quarter of the century by his nephew Achille Henri Goelzer (b.1850) and his son Albert Goelzer (b.1857). Achille Henri was recorded in 1878 as a manufacturer of gas appliances at 182, rue Lafayette while Albert was recorded in 1885 as a sculptor also at the same address.
éditions du Génie Civil, Vol. 1 published in 1880, records the formation of the partnership of A. Goelzer and Poumaroux, fabricators of lighting fixtures, bronzes and gas engineers at the same address.
Goelzer & Poumaroux amongst other important commissions are recorded as supplying the grand chandelier for L'Opera d'Alger in 1901.

Makers Bibliography:
éditions du Génie Civil et de la Métallurgie Tour Palerme (1880), Vol 1; p. 375.