Val d' Osne

(1835 - )


A frequent participant at the international exhibitions during the second half of the 19th Century, the prolific firm of Val d'Osne, established by J.P.V. André in 1835, was known for its extensive inventory of architectural designs and 'fancy castings'.
Reputed sculptors like Carrier-Belleuse, Mathurin Moreau, Pradier and Delaplanche created numerous models exclusively for Victor André. The firm met with critical acclaim at the 1857 London Exhibition with a monumental bronze fountain cast with swans and Classical figures. Acquired by Barbezat & Cie in 1867, and allying with the fondeur J.J. Ducel towards 1870, the company was eventually renamed Société Anonyme des Hauts-Fourneaux & Fonderies du Val-D'Osne, Anciennes maison J.P.V. André et J.J. Ducel et Fils. The most celebrated works of art cast by the firm are irrefutably the Parisian subway entrances designed by Hector Guimard.