Maison Baguès


Maison Baguès was founded in Paris in 1840 by Noel Baguès who specialized in religious bronze pieces. In 1880 his son Eugène developed the company by creating bronze lighting as electricity became widely available. The company settled in Le Marais, Paris. During the two world wars Victor and Robert Baguès inspired by epoque pieces greatly expand the bronze lighting line The company moves to rue de la Boetie and enjoys great success abroad. Soon the wrold financial crisis erupts and puts the firm unable to pay some debts abroad in serious difficulty.

In 1957, Jean-Pierre Baguès, son of Victor bought back the majority of the company shares restoring the family business and rejuvenating the collection. The company was taken over by a new family group in 1995 and settles in a hip Paris neighborhood near Bastille. The company reissues the more important designs of the collection and in 1999 employed Garouste & Bonnetti to create new designs in the spirit of Maison Baguès .