Pierre Gouthière

(1732 - 1813)


Pierre Gouthière (1732 - 1813) was the most celebrated bronze gilder in France during the eighteenth century, the title of Gilder to the King being given to him by Louis XV. He perfected the most expensive type of gilding of this period, dorure au mat, which involved the use of lavish amounts of gold to create a rich, deep matte finish. As well as working for the King he created items for the Comte d'Artois, the Marquis de Marigny, and the duc d'Aumont.
The collection of the duc d'Aumont was sold at auction in Paris in 1782 and many objects mounted by Gouthière were bought by Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. His works, unsurpassed in creativity and execution, can now be found in the Wallace Collection, London and the Louvre, Paris.