Pillivuyt et Cie

(1818 - )


Pillivuyt et Cie is one of the oldest and most prestigious French porcelain brands.
Pillivuyt porcelain production was founded by Jean-Louis-Richard Pillivuyt in Fo√ęcy in 1818, an area chosen for its proximity to Limoges where kaolin deposits had just been discovered. By 1823 he already been awarded his first exhibition medal in New York as a sign of his success. Building on this by 1847 the first Pillivuyt retail premises was established 46 rue du Paradis in Paris.
Between 1855 to 1867 Charles Pillivuyt led the company to its peak. His success was rapid and Pillivuyt was honoured with numerous and successive gold medals during the universal expositions, right up to and including 1889. The international reputation of Pillivuyt was incontestable and in 1860, a quarter of the production was already sent all over the world.